Ideas For Easy Costumes With Normal Clothes (pt. 2)

We know, sometimes finding just the right costume can be so difficult. We created this part 2 of the easy costumes with normal clothes series so you'd have MORE ideas to work off of. We want you to be the star of Halloween while still being fashionable & getting the biggest bang for your buck. While these costumes were created with Niche+Co products, you can always find a piece similar to it that you already have. Or you can check out the products below the pictures and get the exact match! 

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead costume. Easy costumes with normal clothes
Who doesn't love the Day of the Dead colors and decorations? You'd be the Halloween party standout in this easy costume! 
Check out our Angelica dress- but in blue! 

A Mouse

Mouse costume for easy costumes with normal clothes on Nicheandco blog
Remember those Disneyland mouse ears that your daughter only every wears once (if that) a year? They're perfect for a simple and easy mouse costume! 
Shop our pope dress for the exact look. 

Frankenstein's Bride

Frankenstein's bride costume on easy costumes with normal clothes blog post.
Perfect sweater set you can wear over and over again? Bright red lipstick? Why wouldn't you want to be Frankenstein's Bride?!

You can find the  top and the bottom to the sweater set on our website!

A Werewolf

Werewolf Halloween costume for easy costumes for normal clothes blog post.
We sort of love being animals for Halloween around here because it's so simple! With a little face paint, headband ears, and a flannel, you'll be good to go.

A Scarecrow

Scarecrow, easy costume with normal clothes

Okay but really, how cute & easy is this?! And the dress is such an eye catcher that you'll want nothing more than to wear it repeatedly. Get your Annabeth dress today to complete this costume!

Farmer & Scarecrow

Scarecrow and farmer costume for easy costumes with normal clothes blog post.

What's a scarecrow without it's farmer? Shop the green plaid online here at Niche+Co or go to your local thrift shop!


There you go friends! And check out part 1 of the easy costumes with normal clothes series to get the most ideas possible! 

Still feeling stuck? Check out these great ideas from the Modest Blondie's blog!

Happy Halloween!!

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