Ideas for Easy Costumes with Normal Clothes (Pt. 1)

These easy costume ideas are a way for you to connect your inner kid to your adult budget (& love of fashion!). While dressing up for Halloween or other parties is fun, buying a costume every.single.year isn’t so much. The average Halloween costume amounts to about $30USD. If you get a new costume (that you wear only one time) every year for ten years, you’ll be throwing away $300! That’s $300 you could spend on new wardrobe pieces or paint for that newly renovated living room you’ve been wanting for so long.

Why not use a bunch of normal clothes to concoct an easy, show-stopping adult costume? If you don’t already have some of the main clothing pieces, what better excuse do you need to go shopping for clothes you can wear over and over again!? If you don’t have a few of the other pieces, they’re often cheaper to acquire than a full costume, and are so easy to use in costumes for years to come! Here are a few ideas for you to work off of! 

Easy Adult Halloween Costume Ideas With Normal Clothes:

Wednesday Addams

Easy costume with normal clothes idea: Wednesday Addams in a black Niche+Co dress

Definitely a classic, a Wednesday Addams costume is so easy! Just grab your best black dress and white-collared shirt, but don't forget those staple braids!

Need a black dress? Try our new black long sleeve sweater dress!

A Unicorn

Easy costume with normal clothes idea: Unicorn Halloween costume with Niche+Co clothes

Don't overlook that unicorn horn! Pair this fun skirt with a simple white/light pink shirt and a unicorn horn, and you've got yourself a costume!

Shop our flowy midi skirt and women's short sleeve sweater shirt for this look. 

PS- you can find the unicorn horn at Target or Walmart for an affordable price!

Kim Possible

Easy costume with normal clothes idea: Kim Possible Halloween costume with Niche+Co clothes

We watched her, we loved her, now we can be her! 

Maverick or Goose from Top Gun

Easy costume with normal clothes idea: Goose/Maverick Halloween costume with a Niche+Co jumpsuit

Maverick: "I feel the need..." 

Goose: "...the need for speed!" 

Need some aviators? Try zeroUV!

A Puppy

Easy costume with normal clothes idea: Puppy costume with Niche+Co jumper

Repeat after me: We believe in loving puppies, in having puppies, and in being them for Halloween. 

Our adorable jumpsuit with wide leg makes a perfect addition to your puppy costume. 

Need dog ears? Try some DIY, here are a bunch of ideas!

Ruth Ginsburg

Easy costume with normal clothes idea: Ruth Ginsburg Halloween costume in a black Niche+Co sweater dress

Be the inspiring Ruth Ginsburg and let her legacy live on with a simple black dress and lace collar. 

Need a black dress? Try our new black long sleeve sweater dress!

The Safari Goer With Her Leopard

Easy costume with normal clothes idea: The safari goer and leopard Halloween costume using Niche+Co clothes

Talk about the perfect couple/best friend costume! 

A Nerd

Easy costume with normal clothes idea: Nerd Halloween costume made with Niche+Co clothes

The easiest of easy costumes, but one that will never get old! 

Don't have suspenders laying around the house? Amazon's got you covered!

We hope these ideas have helped you in your easy Halloween costume search. If you're still looking for more ideas, don't you worry, we've got a part 2 coming your way soon! 

Have ideas of costumes made from Niche+Co clothes? Comment them below or send us a message!


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